An Archaeology Study Guide and Resource

This website is the digital notebook of a student archaeologist.

If you have reached this website by friend’s link or search engine’s whimsy, know that you will be finding entries on an assortment of topics related to my learning and interest in archaeology. All notes are cross-referenced and navigable through tags, categories, links and menus.

Looking for a professional word rather than a student’s summary? Every note containing borrowed knowledge is cited. I will put every effort into building an honest and responsible website and hopefully you, if you managed to find this place, will put equal effort into being an honest and responsible visitor.

As you look around, please be aware of what this place is not. This is not the busy blog of a practicing professional archaeologist, nor should any word written here to be held as a final authority. This is not a ‘new/popular archaeology today!’ blog. The information here is historical and/or scientific but not to be taken as ‘news’ unless labeled as such.